IM520 IBM Content Manager System Administration 8.4
DescriptionThis course is for those whose job includes responsibility for maintaining, monitoring, and configuring an operational Content Manager system. Maintenance tasks include administering users and groups, and maintaining all components of the various business processes or applications that run on the system. Monitoring tasks include ensuring that proper database sizing and backup parameters are met.

You work with a fully functioning IBM Content Manager system to practice the skills required to administer, maintain, and troubleshoot an IBM Content Manager system.
AudienceThis course is for anyone who is responsible for installing, supporting, maintaining, or customizing a Content Manager system.
Pre-requisitesYou should have:
  • A solid understanding of relational database concepts
  • Experience as a system administrator, database administrator, or solution builder
  • A working knowledge of Windows 2003 Server
Certification test
Recommended next course to follow
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to administer an IBM Content Manager system
Key topics
  • How to create or modify attributes, item types, and folders
  • How to test changes to the system using the Client for Windows and WEBi
  • How to create or modify users, user groups, privilege sets, and access control lists
  • How to create or modify processes and process components
  • How to configure system managed storage objects
  • How to use various database and resource manager utilities
  • How to manage log files and system backups
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